What are some suggestions about Surabaya’s points of interest, excluding malls but including culinary centers, museums, etc.?

What are some suggestions about Surabaya’s points of interest, excluding malls but including culinary centers, museums, etc.?

My Quora Answer:

5 years living in Surabaya is not enough for me to explore the amusing places. First of all, know what you want and who you are. As I’m not so into queue and crowd, here are my suggestions:


  • Pecel Bu Kus, the Javanese vegetable salads. Strongly recommended if you want to feel the Javanese atmosphere in a convenience place. The restaurant opens early morning, around 6AM to 9PM.  If you don’t have chance to buyoleh-oleh or traditional snacks, you can get it there. The best thing from Pecel Bu Kus is their traditional beverages, for instance, the refreshing beras kencur, the sourness of kunir asem, etc.
  • Bebek 75, the fried duck restaurant. Actually, any fried duck stalls in Surabaya are just great compare to those in other cities. Maybe the most popular one is Bebek Tugu Pahlawan. However, due to the long queue, I don’t recommend it, and I prefer other stalls like Bebek 75 or Bebek Mercon. The price is more affordable, no queuing, excellent service, they allow you to enjoy good food like in heaven. Spot on!
  • NOTE: Surabaya is culinary heaven. There are numerous popular culinary in there. However, due to uncomfortable circumstances yet overpriced, I can’t suggest some restaurants such as Rawon Setan, Bebek Tugu Pahlawan, Sate Ondomohen (the pioneer), Sego Jancuk (spicy fried rice).


  • The House of Sampoerna is my priority. It’s not only because of the cigarettes museums, but also the Surabaya Heritage Track (SHT). The SHT bring you to go sightseeing for free, with an experienced tour guide. They have a fancy bus to take you go around Surabaya, visit some historical places. In other words, you are not only get a free tour but also get a chance to visit some interesting places at a time. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. Book for a trip a month before your coming is strongly suggested. Check the website, pick the most fascinating trip, and prepare for the unforgettable excitement.
  • Monumen Kapal Selam, submarine monument. Located in the Central Surabaya, the so-called Monkasel is the real submarine with some modification for tourism purposes. With affordable ticket, you will not only get an experience of living in a submarine but also a brief history of Indonesia maritime. I was lucky enough when I went there as my tour guide was a veteran who used to be the crew of the submarine.


  • Skate Park. Although I can’t do skating, I do enjoy seeing the youth practice them selves in this park at night. In certain days (Wednesday maybe), Parkour guys also practice their jumping (and sometimes falling) skills in there. The park is less crowded than Taman Bungkul, and the view is much better as it’s a riverside park.
  • Taman Refleksi, Reflexology Park. Initially, the park was built for elder residence who have a fond of reflexology by stones. The local government create a kind of jogging track from gravels and pebbles. They are arranged somehow the track is more difficult and hurt.

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