Hari ke-38 Social Blah Blah Blah

The six-feet rule

Sebetulnya saya tidak ingin membuatmu khawatir. Tapi krisis ini sungguh nyata.

Wardiman, tukang ojek difabel langganan saya dulu, sekarang tiap malam kirim WhatsApp. Dia selalu tanya, besok saya mau makan apa.

Perhatian banget ya..

“Golek arem-arem ayu ning kene ki nandi yo?” jawab saya. Cari arem-arem cantik di sini tuh di mana ya?

Katanya, “Wis ora susah digoleki. Sampeyan sarapan jam piro, sesuk tak terne ngomah.”

Dan betul, keesokan paginya tepat jam 6 Wardiman sudah di depan rumah. Dia tidak hanya mengantar arem-arem, tetapi juga curhat tipis-tipis.

Topiknya tak jauh-jauh tentang pemerintah pusat dan pemerintah di rumahnya sendiri.

“Istriku tuh patuh banget sama pemerintah Mbak. Aku nggak boleh deket-deket dia sekarang. Malah pernah pulang ngojek aku disuruh tidur di luar rumah,” katanya.

“Lho kok sampai di luar rumah? Kan anjuran pemerintah cuma jaga jarak fisik dan bertahan di dalam rumah,” jawab saya.

“Lha iyo to. Kata istriku biar nggak ketularan Corona kita harus Long Distance.”

Sebentar, kayak ada yang keliru. Tapi apa ya?

Sepertinya pemerintah di rumahnya punya policy yang sedikit berbeda dengan pemerintah pusat..

Day 17: A LinkedIn Update

The city I live in, Bekasi, has 182 active cases. Some of them live nearby. As a result, township lockdown everywhere. It includes my township. The street in front of my house becomes very quiet, but I am VERY HAPPY about it.

When the lockdown was just started I won’t lie that I was a little bit anxious about how my family would survive. But after 17 days, hey it’s not that bad!


Thanks to whoever came up with the idea of lockdown for the first time. Jakarta, the most congested city I ever knew, has become very quiet. In the most normal situation, travel time from home to my office was 2.5 hours by car. During this self-quarantined situation, it takes 30 minutes only!

Sometimes when my family is dying bored at the house, we wander around Jakarta landmark but never dare to get off. I don’t know what we’re doing is right or wrong, but seeing how quiet Jakarta streets recently is so relaxing for us. We finally managed to introduce Monas to our son, again, from the car.

Jakarta is like an Indonesian lady. It is nice when it’s silence, but you know it’s just not right.

I enjoy it though.


First of all, thank you First Media for supplying oxygen to my body through internet connection. Without internet connection, I might’ve died with a severe complication of bored, clueless, helpless, and anxious.

Thanks to internet connection, I can jump from one meeting to another in just one click.

I attended Toastmasters meetings,
then singing nursery rhymes from YouTube Kids with my son,
then join another Zoom meet-up,
then singing other nursery rhymes once more,
then video chat with my parents and my sister,
then singing other nursery rhymes again, …
until I’m in the stage of singing 54 versions of “Johny Johny Yes Papa” by heart!

I guess It’s time for me to update my LinkedIn headline as a Nursery Rhymes Expert!

Johny, Johny
Yes Papa
No Papa
Telling lies?
No Papa
Open your mouth?
Ha! Ha! ha!

johny johny yes papa
Somehow the “Papa” looks like our dishonest minister, innit?