Day 5 of Self-Isolation

Working from Home

(noun) when your deadline meets your motherhood mode 24/7 without a lunch break.

Modifying the guest room to be a working corner cz works come more ofthen than guests

Even though I used to work in a working-remotely environment for 1,5 years, #WFH during the Corona outbreak is different. Most of the time, my LO is at home. My husband doesn’t work from home as he works in a public service institution. I don’t have a nanny. So, my work is challenged by the cuteness of my LO. What a motherhood lyfe, Ikr!

I should’ve listen to Dr Angharad Rudkin in this video tho. The tips below sounds make more sense on how we balance #WFH and family life during the soft lock-down:

  1. Children need structure. So keep bed times, keep waking times, keep meal times set as much as possible.
  2. Give yourself a task for the morning, a task for the afternoon, just some kind of goal because those days are going to feel very long and stretched out.
  3. Don’t let your child be on screen all day long. It might make your days easier, in terms that they’re entertained, but when that child has to go back to school and has to start doing their homework and has to start being out and about, they’re going to find transition much harder.
  4. Try not to be frustrated because of the children because it is new for them too.
  5. Help them to understand your point of view, and not expecting them to be entirely emphatic.

I know it’s easier said than done, eh?

I do understand the struggle of balancing work and family. Self-isolation means different for women. It’s always about unpaid care-giving and housework. It’s just like The Canadian Women’s Foundation mentioned in this article. The Indonesia Business Coalition for Women Empowerment (IBCWE) quoted that too, knowing we, Indonesian mothers, share the same struggle.

There might be a time when you feel like you want to give up, but please hang in there, Mama! This too shall pass!

Let me close this post with a pic of my LO fell asleep on my back, waiting for me finished working.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mama!