Day 6: It is positive

An old man in our neighbourhood tested positive for coronavirus today.

The night before that, Jakarta Governor declare COVID-19 emergency. They urge all corporations to close down their offices and operational facilities, arrange the employees to work from home.

All tourism spots and entertainment venue like night clubs, spa, etc. should be closed too.

These appeals start from March 23rd to April 5th.

Surat Edaran Pemprov DKI 60/SE/2020
Read: Ain’t no party, baby

I knew it from close friends who work closely for Mister Governor, so it’s likely a piece of valid information. In the same Whatsapp group, we were joking that we had plenty of time to “have fun” until March 23rd.

I took it easy. It’s been a week anyway. What could be worse than that?

Then I went to a local supermarket (Giant Bintara) just to stock-up staples for upcoming weeks. You don’t want to know what I got.


Frozen foods, sugar, instant noodles, they’re all gone like PUFF! Shelves are empty. I wonder if it’s time to think about food rationing like WW2.

Then I checked Happy Fresh app to see which supermarket has staples I’m running out of. So I took a risk to go to AEON Jakarta Garden City, the Japanese supermarket. You know Japan is less popular recently, but apparently, a lot more people did groceries in there than the local chains.

AEON JGC might don’t have stockpiled customers issues. They have everything. EVERYTHING!

If I see other people’s carts, they don’t do stockpile like a panic buyer freaking out of the apocalypse. I guess they just want to survive until…




But please, stop panic-buying groceries and other staples. You know it’s not the end of the world. You’re not the only one who needs staple foods. We have nurses and doctors need staple foods more than anyone. In the end, it’s people like them who will be looking after us when we are at the lowest.

Anyway, I stumbled upon some infographics confirming how Indonesians are getting more anxious about Coronavirus.

Today, a man lives 3 km from my house tested positive Coronavirus. My son’s daycare is closed temporarily. I have to go back to introvert mode, quarantine my family for a good cause.

So allow me to close today’s diary with PAP of me start to move in reverse. It’s time to take a step back to move forward, lass!


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