Dear Lady Bosses, I Owe You The Most

What can be worse than a female boss?
Women are always right.
The boss is always right, too.

When I started to work, I avoid working under a female superior. Even though I’m a female, too, I saw female boss as intimidating, mood-swing, too sensitive, too much drama at the workplace I can’t handle.

In contrast, I tend to stay aloof, sarcastic, and ignorant. I’m not really good at beating the bush. What a terrible combination, I know.

Then the universe did the magic. In fact, I currently owe a big to these three lady bosses of mine:


Me and Nana in 2015

Nana is not my first female superior. But she is the first one who breaks all stereotypes of alpha female I knew.

She taught me ‘It is ok not to be ok’. She often shared her stories, even the most unfortunate and very personal one. I thought female bosses shouldn’t show her flaws. They gotta look strong, resilient, and unbreakable.

Nana is different. She showed me that in the end, we are all human. We have problems, and it is ok. Yet, we have to be professional because despite how shitty life could be, deadlines are deadlines. Clients will not exchange the story of your frustrating boyfriend to a top-notch report.

Every time we have problems that brought us down, we shared it immediately. We wouldn’t wait until it became an iceberg that breaks the ship unexpectedly. If it might impact our work performance, we took care of it together. I felt like Nana relied on me, yet she never let me walk alone. I owe her a big for that.

Nana’s post on my last day at work

Oh by the way, happy birthday Nanaboo..

If you are a career woman, and you plan to have a family, yet you want to be succeed at both, congratulations! I got a news for you: It won't be like a walk in the park. In fact, it's more like walking on a strand of hair parted to seven. Nearly impossible!
Unless, you are a kinda lady boss I mention up next:


Mbak Arie is proof of the difference between a boss and a leader. She managed work and relationship to her team very well. As her co-worker I could feel her love for her team more like her own sisters. When my personal life brought me down, she’s always there to listen and to give some advice when needed the most.

When it comes to demand a task I should’ve done earlier, she doesn’t hesitate to show that resting bitch face. Then she said, “Gue tunggu ya. Cium nih!” (I’m looking forward to it. Otherwise, I’ll kiss you!)

As a senior editor, she appreciates my writing styles as well as my kind of leadership styles. I know my writing is not as flawless as hers, yet she allows me to learn. She had never done micro-managing to me. She might believe I was reliable enough to manage our projects; hence, I tried my best not to let her down at any cost.

Sometimes I feel Mbak Arie’s personal approach blurs the boundaries between a boss and the co-workers, yet my respect is there. Even bigger than those of any bossy boss. I think that’s why she’s loved by her team no matter where she works at.


My relationship with Mbak Vivi is kinda unique. We were strangers, we built our brand new team cluelessly, yet we end-up loving each other.

“That’s what a teamwork supposed to be, innit?” said her, and I couldn’t agree more.

Mbak Vivi has never ever bad-mouthing our colleagues. If it has to be a bad-mouth talk over coffee, we’ll talk about The Mayor of Bekasi (I hate his greediness the most!).

So what do we talk about if gossiping isn’t our piece of cake? A lot! We would laugh out loud talking about Trevor Noah, we shared stickers and memes came across our social media, or we talk about good foods we’re craving for at the moment.

Who would take a selfie with a pie-chart if it wasn’t our sweet-sweat?

What about working life? She definitely is on the ball! She has a long checklist of what we should do every day. Every single day. Plus, we never failed to check the list at the end of the day.

Mbak Vivi is way too humble to be a crowd-puller. She’s not a filthy rich billionaire, but she doesn’t hesitate to help other people even when she was in her most difficult time. I think that’s how she got that “lovable” aura.

A wise woman says: Behind a successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.

Now I know it is right.

Because women are always right. Haha!

So, according to your opinion, what are the qualities my former bosses have? The similarities, something they’re good at, or one-in-a-million character they posses? Leave your comments, I’ll get back to you.

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