My Name Is Tika (BM1)

My name is Tika, T.I.K.A. With one K! Cause my full name is Tika Widyaningtyas, not Chicken Tikka, or Tikka Massala. It’s a simple and familiar name especially for Indonesian. However, every name has a story even though the simpliest or the most familiar one. So please let me share you my stories.

The first story came from my surname: Widyaningtyas. When I was in junior high school, my teacher read a presence book and call my name, “Tika Widya Ning Tas”. In Javanese, Widya Ning Tas means ‘Widya in the bag’. Since then, some of my classmates greeted me, “Hi Tika, where have you been? Were you in a bag?”

To make it worse, many people mistakenly write my name Tika Widyaningsih, Tika Wahyuning, or even Tika Wibisono. The last one is quite rare, though, but it happened. I often ask for a revision copy of some certificates because they write my surname incorrectly.

Next story. During my study as a bachelor student of Statistics in Surabaya , I worked as a part-time journalist. Just so you’re aware, there’s always a three-letter-code which indicates the journalist-in-charge at the end of the news or the article. My three-letter-code was: T.K.W, or TeKaWe. That’s how my friends and sources remember me: Mbak TKW. It was a meh when people think I only wrote about domestic labours in East Java. But that’s ok, I’m kinda like it.

I thought only my Indonesian friends who make fun of my name. But I was wrong. Four years ago, there was a three-day blackout in Central Jakarta due to a heavy flood. Yes, that’s when some people trapped and dead in the UoB Basement. So I stayed in my friends’ house where there were my two American friends and a house-keeper named Tika. To distinguish me from the housekeeper, I asked them to call me Tika We. But at the end, they called me Take Away instead. Until now.

Three years later, I took a master degree of Social Statistics in Southampton. My surname was a nightmare especially in a bank, a health service, or any place where people had to call the surname for the sake of politeness. What usually happened was somebody tried so hard to pronounce my surname like, “Miss Wide.. Wide ya.. Wide ya nine…”. Usually I just said to my self, “Not again. ”

Still and all, sometimes I felt meh, annoyed, or awkward. But, they were all interesting stories for me. So, I don’t feel irritated if you call me Tika We, Take Away, Chicken Tikka, whichever is easier for you; because people die not by bullet, disease, or poison but when they are forgotten. And perhaps, being forgotten by someone I can’t forget is the worst feeling.

The text above is my script for Toastmasters Competent Communication Project 1: The Ice Breaker. If you are struggling to create the draft of your first project, please don’t. For a 4-6 minutes speech, the objectives of this project are:
  • To begin speaking before an audience.
  • To discover speaking skills you already have and skills that need some attention.

In other words, you are not expected to speech like a pro in this stage. So, keep calm and feel free to refer my draft above. However, please also note my evaluator’s feedback:

+ Entertaining
+ Grab the audience’s attention
– The structure is less organized
– Should be straight to the point
– The conclusion should cover more about everything.

If you have further comment on the script above, please let me know.

Last but not least, good luck for your first project!

British Toastmasters Club, 26 January 2017

4 pemikiran pada “My Name Is Tika (BM1)

  1. I like both stories. The humor is a great addition. I like the story about your name. It suits Project 1 introducing yourself to the club.
    Suggestion: A smoother transition to your newspaper story. My name on my newspaper column when I was… Might be the way to go to your next story.
    Gene Dunford

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