Tropical Vegetarian

Indonesia is so damn hot! Help!

But I love it! I love Indonesia more since I lived in the UK, mainly because of the foods which rich of spices. In addition to that, I can get tropical fruits anytime for a very affordable price. Oh Gosh, you have no idea how blessed I am to be an Indonesian! Sometimes we recognise a bless when we don’t have it anymore, innit?

I’m not saying that I couldn’t eat fruits in the UK. I could! But they’re imported from tropical countries like Brazil or Africa; hence they’re not fresh and cost me an arm and a leg. For instance, I could get a 20cm long Formosa (like papaya) in an international food store for £4.50 (Rp 90,000). In Indonesia? I could get 30 cm long Formosa for just 50 pence or Rp 10,000! Even it would be cheaper if I buy it in a second-tier city, or climb my grandma’s Formosa tree.

Initially, I tried to be a vegetarian when I read the UK’s government web page on how they kill a chicken. As a Muslimah, I only eat halal meat which slaughtered in Islam ways: with a prayer, using a very sharp knife, and takes out all of the blood, etc. Apparently, chickens in the UK are stunned first which is not align with the halal requirement. To make them halal, these chicken are slaughtered later once died. In my perspective, this is not really right. On one hand, I was kinda doubt of the halalness, but on the other hands, I trust the halal food federation. So, I simply avoid chicken and meats, and I like it! I feel more energised and I’m always excited to try any plant-based food recipes.

That’s what this category is for: plant-based food and beverages recipes! For now, I’d like to share my smoothie bowl recipes in this category which actually I’ve shared on my Instagram. My sister will also help me to share her plant-based food recipes. She’s the number one chef in my family! Apart from that, please allow me to review a wide range of vegetarian meals from the street foods to the five-star-Michelin foods.

Since this is my new blog project, I’m more than happy for any feedback. Feel free to reach me, leave any comment, like or dislike, whatever. I love every single click you left on my blog!


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