My 26th Birthday Reflection

When I was 9 years old, I almost had a colorectal surgery. My doctor predicted my life would rely on the surgery due to permanent disorder. But my mother thought differently. She believed I’ll be okay, just like other ‘normal’ kids. She took care of me and as you can see, I’ve been survived without any surgery. Eh, the oral surgeries and other surgeries which caused by drag bikes are exceptions. Hehe.. So, do you have any idea how grateful I am?

Now that I’m here, in Southampton, 7,335 miles away from home. Am I happy? Yes, of course! Living abroad is not easy obviously, but I try to manage my happiness just like Mbak Adem did in her Happiness Project. She taught me not to take grotty judgments and questions to heart. Just stay focus on whatever make me happy and be an encourager.

Many people think I’m chuffed, my life is perfect, and I have never been at a loose end. Come on, being a postgraduate student in the UK isn’t a piece of cake. It costs me an arm and a leg. Moreover, I have to sacrifice my travelling bucket list to hit the books. Seriously, it’s not easy at all. I was fed up with Statistics Theory and Linear Model. Just so you know, I hate the integral worm. If you’re dreaming of studying abroad just because you love traveling, or you love UK, wake up dude!


For this case, I can’t bear my self not to quote what Richard told me far before I applied for postgraduate degree: “It’s important I suppose to make sure you have clear goals and that you stick to them, and have a plan for if you don’t feel it’s working out. I mean it’s important that if you go to the UK you have a clear understanding of exactly why you’re going – so that if for whatever reason you discover you’re not enjoying it as much as you hoped, you can remind yourselves of your goals, remind yourself ‘it’s only for one year’ and keep focused.”

And here I am. When I feel so hopeless, I remind my self to stay focus on my goal. In addition to that, I’m blessed as my friends take the piss out of British live. God also sent me smashing class mates like Jo, Ana, Laura, Emily, Dana, Mia, Shiro, Martina, Alessandro, and the lovely Mama Maria. They’re very kind and smart! They don’t mind if my silly questions interrupted their studying time. They even arrange some study groups to help each other on particular courses. That’s damn cool!

IMG_4033To perfect my life in the UK, God drops Devorah to build a small house in Broadlands Road, and rent it to four crazy-chatty-pretty Indonesians. The house is lovely, but I love my housemates more! They’re Pei Pa Koa’s patients, fans of pork belly, and social drinkers who respect and support my contradictory lifestyle. Edwin, Harito, and Kak Njoo make the house a home. You know, home is not a place. It’s a feeling.

IMG_4028I know saying ‘thank you’ will never be enough to express my grateful for everyone in my 26th years of age. But that’s all I can do for now. Thank you, thank you, and I love you!


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