If you could find a good job in other big cities like Surabaya, Bandung, or Medan, would you leave Jakarta? If not, why?

If you could find a good job in other big cities like Surabaya, Bandung, or Medan, would you leave Jakarta? If not, why?

I’d like to know what makes people stay in Jakarta other than money. Is it worth the flood, the traffic jam, the pollution?

My Quora Answer:

Frankly speaking, good job in my own view is when I could take my responsibilities and learn new things at a time. Hence, I would definitely leave Jakarta for Surabaya once the major metropolitan challenges have been taken up. Nonetheless, I’m not sure I could get better career opportunities in Surabaya as in Jakarta.

I started my career in Jakarta as a journalist. Of course, Jakarta undoubtedly has the greatest opportunity for any Indonesian journalists as major decisions are made in there. Furthermore, Jakarta gives us opportunity to deal with multicultural environment, both at work and in our daily life. That’s what I couldn’t get when I worked in Surabaya.

It is true that Jakarta people are more selfish. They are ignorance and soulless since they’re probably so busy of surviving that they don’t come up with hospitality. On top of that, they might be suspicious each other as the crime rises and widely spread. In other words, being selfish is a sort of short-term survival in Jakarta.

Personally speaking, Jakarta is a proving ground for Indonesian. People say, once you’re survived living in Jakarta, you’ll be fine working at anywhere else. Maybe the city wasn’t built for Indonesian pleasure seekers. It is for those who are willing to speed up their heart beat to take up the challenge. Literally.

Just like other Jakarta people, I had to bear with the congested traffic in my every single day. I could complain, but it doesn’t change anything. In fact, it is me and other 10 million residents who crowd into the City of Hopes. So, siapa suruh datang Jakarta?

Source: http://www.quora.com/If-you-could-find-a-good-job-in-other-big-cities-like-Surabaya-Bandung-or-Medan-would-you-leave-Jakarta-If-not-why/answer/Tika-We

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