Weekly Photo Challenge: Dream

Sleeping in the cart

Sorry, it’s a bit difficult for my BlackBerry to follow this week’s issue. Exposure is a good technique to illustrate ‘dream’, but I have my own way to describe photo of dream.

Believe it or not, the man in the cart is sleeping tight. Everyday he uses the cart to collect rubbish from my settlement. When night comes, he sells the rubbish to a kind of collector. Usually he gets 3 bugs a day only.

I’m not sure he doesn’t has a home. Usually people like this has a house which is made from carton paper or some pieces of fire wood. The house was built for his wife and his children, while he lives in the cart.

I took this picture at the pedestrian of Jalan Kesehatan, Jakarta. The traffic was congested and very noisy like hell. All vehicles were horn each other. Magically, the man seems like didn’t care and didn’t disturbed. Even he didn’t realize I stand by his cart to take some pictures.

I don’t know what he was dreaming about. It probably a proper home, a peaceful family, the happiness of his children, or even some kinds of foods as he was hungry. Thanks God, dreaming is free. Although it’s hard for him to live properly like us, at least he has a dream to be happy with his family in a peaceful home. Since then, I stop dreaming about living in a castle like Cinderella. All my gratitude to God because I have a comfy bedroom to sleep nicely and have a sweet dream. How about you?


Sleep by the congested traffic!

2 tanggapan untuk “Weekly Photo Challenge: Dream

  1. Life isn’t counted when he tries to argue and complain more about how is a sleep should be. As long as he still has any reason to live down the mainstream, the cart man, will stay on his cart. PS, he loves to be in JAKARTA ^^

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