The bottle spins still

It’s been a year ago since we sat on red chairs

surrounding a round-glass table

and a bottle on it.

The bottle was spinning

then stop,

pointing whoever it wanted.

November 20, 2010

We were there

celebrating nothing

but friendship.

We were drunken by happiness,

and sleepiness.

We told the truth,

shared the hurts,

then the bottle spin again.

I didn’t knew

it was the last time we could share

everything we have.


we stand on different path

running after destiny

being tough dreamer

even in other’s homeland

only for one purpose:

BE THE BEST PART for everybody’s life.

I stand still


starring at the spinning bottle.

Wishing it stops

to call my friends back

with their dreams

like we were

even we’ve passed very hard year.

The bottle spins still, friends

it’ll stop when our dreams come true.

The bottle spins still

waiting for our next laugh

maybe on a canoe

in Venice.


– Urgent Store –

November 20th, 2011

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